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Rebranding Valentine’s Day To Make It An Inclusive Day For Love

It’s that time of year when we shiver in the cold and for some reason celebrate Valentine’s Day. But unlike in my previous article on the subject (which you can find here), I propose rebranding Valentine’s Day to make it inclusive of love in all its forms.



What Do I Mean By Rebranding Valentine’s Day


Celebrating diversity in love on Valentine’s Day, with its heart-shaped balloons, roses, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, traditionally focuses on romantic love. While there’s beauty in celebrating that passion, we can also rebrand this celebration to be more inclusive and reflect the diverse ways love blossoms in our lives. So instead of making Valentine’s Day all about lovers, let’s make it about love itself.




How To Rebranding Valentine’s Day


With celebrations like Valentine’s Day, it can be too easy to feel lonely. But there’s no reason why this day should be one of those days. Thus, here are some tips on how to rebrand Valentine’s Day to an ‘all forms of love‘ day.


Shifting the narrative to “Love Day”

By rebranding Valentine’s Day, by replacing “Valentine’s” with “Love“, it broadens the scope to encompass all forms of love, from family and friends to pets and even self-love.


Celebrate platonic partnerships

Some of the most important relationships we have are those where the bond is platonic. Therefore, spotlight the deep, unwavering bonds of friendship through dedicated activities or themed gatherings.


Honour familial love

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a loving and supportive family, dedicate the day to expressing gratitude and strengthening those connections with parents, siblings, children, and your extended family.


Embrace self-love

Often the one form of love we don’t have enough of is self-love, so make this a day to change that. Encourage mindful practices like journaling, pampering sessions, or pursuing personal passions. You can even go one further and take self-love more, literally.




Friendship exchanges

Valentine’s Day is generally about buying gifts that represent love, such as heart-shaped balloons and boxes of chocolates. So why not tap into that bit of capitalism, and organise gift swaps or secret pal draws amongst friends, celebrating the joy of platonic connections?


Community feasts

If you’re feeling more community-minded, then you could organise a communal meal where everyone brings food to share or engage in volunteer activities, fostering love and connection through shared experiences.



Another way you can tap into that community spirit is to volunteer and help support your community that way. I spent most of my adult life volunteering, and I found it very rewarding.


Celebrating singletons

Much like I said in my previous article on Valentine’s Day, embrace your singleness and host “Galentine’s Day” parties or gatherings for celebrating self-reliance and friendship among single individuals.


Random acts of kindness

Every day is a good day to embrace acts of kindness. So why not encourage random acts of compassion and love towards strangers to make this day, spreading the spirit of the day beyond personal circles? While you’re at it, remember to treat yourself with extra kindness that day as well.


Promote inclusivity and highlight diverse stories

It wasn’t that long ago that being LGBTQIA+ was illegal, and in some countries, it still is. It also wasn’t that long ago when people of different ethnic backgrounds couldn’t get married either. Thus, showcase stories of different kinds of love through movies, books, or art exhibitions, challenging stereotypical representations. They all contribute to the tapestry of love.


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Be mindful of financial limitations

Time has been hard recently, due to stagnant wages and increases in the cost of greed crisis. So suggest affordable or DIY-friendly ways to express love, ensuring everyone feels included.


Embrace the single life

There’s nothing wrong with being single. I spent most Valentine’s Days single. So use this day to normalise and celebrate being single, highlighting the joys and opportunities it offers.


Theme parties

Organise parties and celebrate different types of love. For example, a superhero party for the power of platonic friendships or a movie marathon for couples with shared passions.



A simple way to help rebrand Valentine’s Day could be to make the time to create personalised playlists or poems dedicated to various loved ones. Or go really old school and make a mix tape.


Talks and workshops

This one might be better suited for the workplace, but organise workshops or talks on diverse forms of love and healthy relationships. Too many people don’t know what an abusive relationship is or what a healthy relationship looks like, so you could create a workshop on relationship green and red flags.






Remember, rebranding Valentine’s Day is not about eliminating traditions, but about expanding them to create a more inclusive and meaningful celebration of love in all its forms. By shifting the narrative and offering diverse ways to participate, we can make this day a time of genuine connection and joy for everyone.


So let’s work together to rebrand Valentine’s Day so that it celebrates the full spectrum of love, fostering respect, acceptance, and joyful connection for all.


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  2. These are some great tips and it’s important we look at love from this perspective. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day because we’re of the option that you should love every day!

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