Gratitude Letter

Gratitude Letter

If you’ve read my previous post on Positive Psychology you’ll be aware of the positive psychology interventions that I mentioned and how they can benefit both those with poor and good mental wellbeing. You’ll also be aware that I gave an example of what I would do if I wrote a gratitude letter. Thus, I thought I’d actually follow through on my gratitude letter example. I hope it inspires you to do the same.




To the only person who ever stood up for me,


I’m writing you this letter to convey how thankful I am for having met you and had you in my life.


I’m not sure if you remember, I know I’ve never forgotten, but while we were at Primary school together, you were the only person that stood up for me regarding the racial abuse and bullying I had to endure.


I’ve suffered racial abuse all my life, and the bullying at school and outside the school was a constant problem I had to contend with. No one had ever done anything to help me before, or since really. You were the only person to have my back and you didn’t have to, no one else ever did, and I’ve never forgotten you because of that.


I know we don’t really know each other anymore and haven’t seen each other for decades, but I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for this act of support you offered me that day in the face of multiple older kids bullying me.


It is the one untainted memory I have of my childhood that I can look back on that keeps me from giving up on people. I wish more people were like you, I included. Being willing to be that one person that makes a difference to someone else, even though you did what you did without even knowing that your actions would have such a profound effect on me, and how it still does, all these years later, is my aim in life.


I want to be the person that makes a difference in someone else’s life, not because I want acknowledgement for it, but because I want to pay it forward and pay it forward as often as I can.


Thank you for being the one person who stood up for me. I wish you all the best in everything you do, and I hope someone returns the favour should you ever need it.


Unwanted Life


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