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Petitions And Campaigns

I endeavour to spread support for several causes and I’ll share links to petitions that are compatible with the purpose of this blog, hopefully gaining them further support. Just click the links of the petitions to be taken to it so you can find out more about the petition, and sign it if you’d like to support that cause.

Keep checking back to offer your support as I try to keep this petition page as up-to-date as possible. Also, visit the blog’s contact page if you want to share petition ideas or links to petitions you think my blog would be interested in supporting.

My Facebook and Twitter pages will also share links to petitions as well as other useful information, so check out our accounts there too. Also, feel free to share this page and the petitions. Every signature helps.


Ask the government to provide mental health support in all schools

Provide the option of exam papers in Dyslexic-friendly format

Make Fibromyalgia A Disability

Raise Invisible Disability Awareness

Increase access to dyslexia assessment and targeted support in schools

Don’t Leave Disabled People Behind

Eating Disorders are not just about weight #dumpthescales

Create a law to protect models from being pressured to lose weight!

Petition to get Mental Health Education on the curriculum

Help stop our children’s mental health crisis

Add Mental Health Education to the mandatory teaching curriculum for all schools in the UK

Bridge The Gap Between Physical And Mental Health At GP Appointments #AndHowAreYou?

Make it compulsory to have a mental health first aider at work #wheresyourheadat

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No Longer Active

Join us in calling for the government to #EndTheWait and deliver on its promise to end the crisis in young people’s mental health

#RecogniseBodyImage for the first time in UK law

Review guidance and funding for using SSP (phonics) to teach reading

Include ‘Mental Health Support’ in University League Tables

Put mental health at the heart of what children learn in school

Always #HelpToGetHome

Wise Up: Tell Ofsted to prioritise wellbeing in schools

Join our fight for a new era for young people’s mental health

Review and reform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Reform PIP assessments

More funding to ensure the safety of patients in the mental health system

Fund more support for mental health

Free Prescriptions for Diagnosed Mental Health Conditions

Improve mental health services for young people (children and adolescents)

Create legislation requiring employers to have Mental Health First Aiders

We need the Government to look #BeyondTomorrow and support young people’s mental health

Diagnosed mental health patients should receive free prescriptions

Increase funding to Children’s Mental Health Services

Children’s social workers to be mental health awareness trained and SEN trained

Add Mental Health Education to the mandatory teaching curriculum for all schools in Wales

Act for mental health today

Guaranteed help at A&E to prevent avoidable deaths from suicide

Fund mental health recovery scheme interventions for traumatised under 16s

Investigate Atos PIP assessments

Tell the Government to #ActEarly on young people’s mental health

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