Partner Wants To Meet A Week Early

Partner Wants To Meet A Week Early

While I was at my partner’s for dinner at the weekend, they asked me if I wanted to meet the following weekend. From the moment my partner asked, I started to fill with dread. I have a really hard time meeting up with people, especially given that my partner and I have an agreed upon schedule for meeting up.


We normally meet up for the weekend once every fortnight because they have a lot of work and I prefer to be completely on my own (even though I’m on my own almost all the time).


My anxiety disorders are a huge source of stress for me, so being on my own all the time means I don’t have to deal with my anxiety disorders if I stay at home. Safe space, safe me, for the most part at least (I have one incredibly annoying housemate).


So, I just replied with a bunch of different ways to say maybe, because saying no would clearly upset them, and because once I met up with them I pretty much always have a good time.




For now, I’m stuck with having to keep deflecting what I’ll do for an entire week, rather than just the usual flawed strategy of hoping they’ll forget it’s our weekend to meet up. This process wouldn’t normally start until it’s a couple of days before we’re meant to meet (as I’ve already stated in my previous post “The Difficulties of Meeting My Partner”).


It’s hugely annoying that my isolation process has kicked off far earlier than usual because it’s such a pain to deal with. I really wish I knew how to overcome this problem.


I’m lucky my partner is so understanding, my aversion to meeting up with a lover would most likely destroy most romantic relationships.


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2 thoughts on “Partner Wants To Meet A Week Early

  1. I’m sorry that you suffer with such an awful disease. My stepson has anxiety and panic attacks so I have seen the pain it can cause. I am sure your partner wouldn’t want to cause you any harm. This may be a stepping stone for you in dealing with your issues. I am sure that your partner will understand if it’s something you can’t do. Good luck! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thanks, my partner understands, we’ve talked about it a lot and they’ve read my blog posts about it. I’m sorry to hear about your stepson’s struggle with mental health, I’m sure with the support of from you, his family, he’ll be able to master it, it just takes time.

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