The Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

I’ve just been nominated for another blogger award, twice, this time by Little Tinkablee (@Tinkableeblog) and Real Bad Mommy (@RealBadMommy), this time for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. I highly recommend you all pop on over and check out both Little Tinkablee’s and Real Bad Mommy’s fantastic blogs.


About The Award


This award is given to bloggers by the bloggers. It helps fellow bloggers to get their work the recognition it deserves. It’s a really good way of helping each other out. It aims to help bloggers get their work recognised and promoted to other bloggers.


The Rules


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • Write a blog post on your site displaying the award
  • Describe why you started your blog
  • Write two pieces of advice for the new bloggers
  • Nominate and notify 11-15 other bloggers




Why I Started Blogging


I started blogging to share my experiences in the hopes that it might help other people, because my biggest drive in life is to try and help people.


I was trying to think of a way I might be able to help others whilst I dealt with my physical health problems. My health forced me to give up my recovery worker job for an addiction charity. Whilst I was trying to figure out a way, the idea of writing a blog came to me, so here I am, blogging.

Thus, my blog takes a “slice of life” approach to my problems and experiences, mainly covering my mental health problems, but also my physical health problems and dyslexia.


Blogger Recognition Award


My Two Pieces Of  Blogging Advice


  • Research your host! I’ve found myself with a host who has made my life a nightmare, and I’m stuck with them until January 2020. If you want to read more about my host nightmares, check out the post I wrote on it ‘Choosing The Right Host For Your Blog


  • Depending on the kind of blog you’re writing, you should be prepared to put aside a lot of spare time to create and promote your content. It can take a surprising amount of time to create a post, especially if it requires a lot of research.




My 5 Nominees


Although the rules say you should pick 11-15 nominees, I’ve recently had to pick people for 4 different rewards in the spare of a few weeks (The Liebster Award, The Mystery Blogger Award, and The Sunshine Blogger Award). Thus, I’ve decided to only pick 5 this time.


Mental Health Memo (@mental_h_memo)

Pages, Places, & Plates (@PagePlacePlate)

The Prepping Wife (@ThePreppingWife)

The Anxious Teacher (@TheAnxiousTeac2)

The Nurturing Parent With Tamra Cater (@nurturingtamra)


As always, leave your feedback in the comments section below. Also, feel free to talk about the awards you’ve won or been nominated for in the comments section below as well. If you want to stay up-to-date with my blog, then sign up to my below. Alternatively, get push notifications of new posts by clicking the red bell icon in the bottom left corner.


Lastly, if you’d like to support my blog then you can make a donation of any size below also. Until next time, Unwanted Life readers.



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