One Man’s Battle With Bulimia Article

One Man’s Battle With Bulimia: Article

I happened upon this article by sheer chance as it appeared in my Facebook news feed: Men’s Health and magazines like it aren’t the kinds of publications that I would normally read. However, this particular article struck a chord with me. So I’m glad they decided to run it because it’s a very good article, tackling the long-ignored subject of male eating disorders (in this case bulimia). The article (One Man’s Battle with Bulimia) gives an interesting insight into the frequency of eating disorders in men.


“Eating disorders are pigeonholed as a female issue. And yet up to 25 per cent of sufferers are male, according to the UK’s leading eating disorders charity, B-EAT.”


The article also offers a case study style insight into what it’s like being a male sufferer of an eating disorder, discussing Magson’s 5-year battle with bulimia, discussing how the behaviour of being sick became routine and how his struggle with his identity and sexuality played its part in developing the disorder.




But If you’re not in the mood to read any more articles today then you could try and check out the BBC Three documentary on which the article is based on, The Naked Truth.


“The doctor said I was a boy and therefore didn’t have an eating disorder, it was just stress-related”


The article reminds me of my own issues with food, which has inspired me to want to write about my own eating disorder, which in turn, I hope will further encourage the people reading my blog to do the same, to talk about their eating disorders, and if you are suffering from an eating disorder, to reach out for support, whatever your gender identity is.


So keep an eye out for my detailed post about my turbulent relationship with eating (My Relationship With Food).


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If you’re suffering from an eating disorder, or feel like you have an unhealthy relationship with food, please reach out and seek support.


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