Trying To Keep Myself On Track

Trying To Keep Myself On Track

I have a problem with enacting my ideas, sometimes I’ll make it to the stage of starting, but I rarely get further than that nowadays. Mostly I have a lot of creative and often good ideas, and just don’t follow through on them because of my self-doubt: I find it extremely difficult “trying to keep myself on track”.


But for this blog, I managed to double down on the idea and actually went as far as to sort buying a webpage hosting plan and start to design the webpage itself (which is pretty evident, obviously). However, it hasn’t been easy, I’ve had to battle all the parts of me that want me to do nothing, for example, instead of starting work on building my blog page at the start of my day, I’ll instead waste the majority of my day watching my TV shows and prolonging the time I’ll eat breakfast, whereby it’ll be late afternoon, sometimes early evening, before I’ll even get around to doing any more work on it.


The little voice of self-doubt in my head that I’m plagued by which whisper negative things in my head. They try to ease me into the idea that it’s ok to give up because I’m going to fail anyway, even though it doesn’t even matter if I do fail or not. It’s no big loss if I do, I’ll still benefit from the experience of trying with the added benefit of also working through my issues via the process of writing these posts for others to read, even if no one actually reads them. It never hurts to keep working on your issues.


The strange part is, once I start working on the blog for the day, I’ll keep working on it like there was never a problem, and I’ll do my best to work as hard as I can at building my blog, it’s just getting to the point of starting the work that’s the problem.


If I can just find a way to overcome this obstacle, thereby allowing me to put all my effort into working on this blog, that would be fantastic. After all, it’s just one little problem, I hope.


Keeping myself on track is just so hard for some reason.


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