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State Benefits: PIP, Atos, And My Mental Health Trust

Having to deal with Atos, and a Mental Health Trust (part of the NHS tasked with offering health and social care services to those with mental health conditions in England) that isn’t interested in supporting your mental health needs, is no picnic. Atos don’t want to help you at the best of time, so when your Mental Health Trust fails to deliver on their government required responsibility, then you find yourself in a ménage à trois you don’t want to be in.


For those that don’t know who Atos are, they’re a private company paid to do disability and sickness tests for state benefits, such as for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). However, they’ve featured in the news a lot for being woefully bad and a waste of taxpayers’ money, yet someone they retain their government contracts.


Sometimes it isn’t just the Atos assessor’s fault (they share the blame) you’re denied your claim. In my previous article, I talked about how Atos likes to screw their applicants over. But my Mental Health Trust also seemed to enjoy screwing me over, and over, and over again as well, even when it came to my state benefits.




My Mental Health Trust has let me down time and time again. Something I had to start a formal complaint about. But for now, I’m just going to talk about how they let me down when it came to them providing evidence for my Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application. They didn’t fail to do this just once. Oh no, they failed at this simple task four times.


During my first local resolution meeting with my Mental Health Trust’s complaints manager, I requested they provided me with a letter detailing my mental health conditions and how they affect my day-to-day life. They agreed to provide this letter, on record, for my PIP application. The letter detailing my mental health problems needed to be no older than six months from the date of submission of my PIP application. 


I didn’t get the letter in time for my first PIP application, nor did they get it to me in time to appeal my PIP decision. A simple letter detailing my conditions and how they affect me should have been easy to put together from the notes of me on record. I’ve been dealing with this trust since 2005, and this was now 2016.


All my attempts to chase up the letter were ignored. I was constantly told that they were “in a meeting” and they’d get back in touch with me soon. Which they never did. I sent dozens and dozens of emails trying to chase this letter up, but still nothing.


The picture is split in two with the top image being of a sign tied up outside that says "Thank you NHS" and the bottom image being of a of a photo taken of the UK Parliament building from across the Thames. The two images are separated by the article title - State Benefits: PIP, Atos, and My Mental Health Trust


Not only did they miss the deadline to get me this letter in time for the submission of my application, but they also couldn’t be bothered to get it to me in time so I could appeal the decision using the evidence they should have provided.


At the Second local resolution meeting with the same manager from the complaints team, I brought up my need for the letter again. Asking that they provide the letter this time so I can make my second PIP application.


This time they arranged a meeting with someone to help me fill out my PIP application, which they did. But again, the letter which was promised for my second attempt at my PIP application never came in time. And again, they didn’t provide the letter so I could make an appeal either.


In both PIP cases, they had a six-month window to get the letter sorted for me. They failed.


I have no idea why they proceeded to ignore my requests for this simple letter. A letter that anyone claiming PIP or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) would have needed them to provide, so it’s not like I’m making a request for something that’s unheard of. It should be a pretty common request.


I also had to request a letter from my therapist when applying for ESA when I was receiving schema therapy. Which my therapist at the time was able to provide. I even suggested that they just get a copy of that from their records, change the dates, and send me that for my application. It really was that simple. But someone how not simple enough for them to do.




To add insult to injury, when they finally did provide me with a letter, long after both my PIP applications and appeals were over, the letter they provided, which they claimed covered what I requested (it did not), was just a letter covering themselves for possible liability.


It said nothing about how my mental health conditions affect me, day-to-day (or at all). Let alone how they interact with my heart condition. The letter contained zero useful information for any application or appeal for PIP (not that they provided it in time anyway). The letter didn’t mention a single thing about any of my conditions, or that I even had a mental health condition.


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12 thoughts on “State Benefits: PIP, Atos, And My Mental Health Trust

  1. God, I am so sorry you were let down so badly! It is an utter disgrace. Did you ever get it sorted out? I had similar experiences the first time I claimed PIP and had my claim rejected. I didn’t appeal, I wasn’t capable. But the crisis team helped me to reapply 18 months later and filled a lot of information in for me. I’m not saying that’s what everyone should do, but they were involved with me at the time.
    I’ve been called in for a meeting with ATOS next week because my 3 years is up and I am quite honestly shitting myself. Some days I look completely normal and have no problems speaking to people or forming sentences or typing/writing stuff. Other days I can’t get dressed or washed, can’t remember what day it is and can’t think long enough to give an answer to something that would make sense.
    The thought of having another judgement meeting is literally giving my anxiety anxiety.

    • I’m planning to try applying for PIP again soon, just waiting on a letter with what should hopefully be my last health diagnosis.

      Dealing with ATOS is the worst, but hopefully your appointment is just paid box ticking, and you’ll retain your benefits

  2. Wow! This is so discouraging. I’m so sorry this happened to you. The fact that your Mental Health Trust let you down, again and again is just annoying. And it’s even worse that they failed to provide evidence of your Personal Independence Payment application 4 times. 4 good times! How messed up is that? I’m sorry you had to go through this. I hope you get what you want when you request again.

  3. This makes me so angry, people need to be on it with things like this and take ownership, as you say it is not a complex request, there must be someone auditing them, they need to know that this is happening, it’s a disgrace X

  4. I am really sorry you went through this. It is like somehow they even punish you for needing them. As if the reason you actually need them isn’t enough…
    This kind of treatment to people who are in need as you are makes me so angry!
    I think it is a good thing you speak out about it because obviously someone is not doing the job that should be doing!
    Take care of yourself <3

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