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The Blues: Post “Making Plans” Depression

I’ve noticed that since the events that took part in the article “Making Plans” I’ve actually sunk into a depressive state. I have post “Making Plans” blues. I’ve really hit the blues hard. Whereas before I’d been in a more high functioning depressive state. I’m not sure why I’ve sunk into a more depressed state and nothing seems to be working to take me back to a higher functioning depressive state.


It seems to be at it’s worst between 14.00-17.00, and it causes me to stop caring about eating healthier food, which I’d been doing with a fair amount of success for the last month or so. I went and bought southern fried chicken and chips and some chocolate in the hopes that would make me feel a tiny bit better, but it didn’t, it just made me feel worse. I couldn’t bring myself to cook any of the food I had because it was all healthy no/low carb stuff, and I’m tired of eating that.


With each chip I ate, the worse I felt, eating each chip slower than the chip before it, as each chip brought me closer to tears. My sense of the blues got darker. Feeling a deep sadness and emptiness that was dragging me closer to the edge of despair.




I’m trying to eat healthy in order to lose some of the weight my comfort eating has caused me to gain (Did Poor Mental Health Cause My Unhealthy Relationship With Food?) because I’ve put on quite a bit. This is due to my appearance always being a source of depression for me, from the racial abuse (Suicidal Child) that caused me to have a racial identity problem, to issues with my body image, and the problems I have with my very dry skin and blocked pores, which, as a result, often causes outbreaks of disgusting spots. All of which means I hate seeing myself in the mirror.


So it didn’t help that while I’m struggling to hold myself together as I’m slowly eating these chips that seemed to be chipping away at my soul with each one consumed, that when I go to clean my teeth and wash my face as I get ready for bed, and I’m greeted by the return of a horrible yellow spot and a new yellow spot as well. Just what I needed, to feel worse just before I try to sleep. But my issues with my appearance I’ll address at a later date.


I was, and still am, stuck feeling miserable for no obvious reason, and nothing seems to be able to lift my mood for more than a couple of seconds. When I get into states like this, theirs not much I can do because my motivation to try to do anything just disappears. I just have to ride it out and wait to come out the other side of it all.


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What Can You Do When You Feel The Blues?


All though I wasn’t able to get out of my blues at the time, maybe there are a few things I could do that might help me next time. Hey, they might even work for you too. So check out my list of ideas for tackling the blues below.


Don’t force your way out of the blues

The problem with trying to force your way out of feeling the blues is that you’re telling yourself it’s wrong to feel that way, but that’s not always the case (Psychology Today). We’re all going to feel the blues at some point, it’s unavoidable. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just let the blues run there course.



Forcing the blues away might be a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to help ease them away. For example, if you have a go-to list of self-care ideas, now would be the time to use it. If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to make one. If you do make a self-care list, you could add things like having a warm bath or watching funny videos on YouTube. You could even turn the self-care list into a crafting activity by creating a self-care jar.


Contact a loved one

Reach out to a friend, lover(s), or family member to talk to or to arrange meeting up so you can do something fun. Humans are social creatures so being around others, even just doing something simple like popping round for a cuppa, can change the way we feel. Even talking to people on social media can have its uses for managing your blues.




Change your routine

Routines can give us stability but they can also become boring and predictable after a while. Switching things up could make things a little more interesting and help reduce the feelings of being sad (Healthline).


Blast some tunes

Music is amazing at tapping into our emotions, they’re also good at changing ones we don’t want or reflecting them to help us get them out (Woman’s Weekly). So crank up the music and dance like no one is watching. I love a bit of metalcore to get me energised again.


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