A pair of hands reaching for a jar overflowing with fairy lights to represent A Fantastic DIY Self-Care And Wellness Interventions Jar

A Fantastic DIY Self-Care And Wellness Interventions Jar

This would be my first DIY self-care suggested project on this site, but I thought I’d share this one in time for Christmas as a gift idea. With the coronavirus affecting everyone’s pocket, buying everyone gifts might not be possible. So why not DIY up some gifts instead or as an additional gift so you don’t have to buy so many? No one should go into debt just because of Christmas.


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Why Should You DIY A Self-Care Jar


We often do self-care when it relates to other aspects of our lives, like doing warm-ups and cooldowns before and after exercising. We’re also routinely told to do self-checks to make sure our health is ok, such as doing a self-breast exam or, if you’re a guy, then a self-testicular check. Although it should be noted that men can also get breast cancer, so check your chest too, dudes.


The world is coming around to promoting mental health, self-care and self-checks too, but there’s still a long way to go. But engaging in self-care is important. It allows us to control our stress levels, avoid burnout, and manage our overall wellness and wellbeing.


Stress is one of the world’s biggest killers. As I said in my previous post on stress17 Ways To Manage Stress – failure to manage stress can have a negative effect on our wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of others around us. Although small amounts of stress can be a source of motivation, which can thus be good, unchecked stress puts you at risk of poor mental and physical health.


If you’re interested in finding out more about how to manage stress, then click here to visit my article.


A photo of a selection of crafting supplies you could use to create your fantastic DIY self-care and wellness interventions jar


This is where self-care comes in. It not only helps you manage feelings of stress but also other negative feelings that you might not be fully aware of yet. Its best use is to engage in it before you start to struggle with your wellbeing, using self-care as a preventative strategy.


One of the problems with self-care is that we often find one thing that works and then just keep doing that until it loses its effectiveness. One of the ways to get around that is to add some randomness to what self-care activities you engage in. Therefore, doing your own DIY self-care jar will allow you to add that random element to your self-care routine.


All you need to do to make your DIY self-care jar random is to create a list of self-care activities that you do enjoy or you’d like to try. Just write out your self-care activities, put them into the DIY self-care jar, and then pick one out at random when you’ve made time to engage in some self-care.


It’s also important to remember that self-care isn’t being self-indulgent. It’s perfectly fine to do nice things for yourself to keep yourself mentally well, that isn’t being self-indulgent. The world is already hard enough as it is, so don’t deny yourself respite through self-care.




Steps To Creating Your DIY Self-Care Jar


What you’ll need


A jar

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Pen(s) – A fine-tipped Sharpie might be best

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Lollipop sticks

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Step 1

Find an old jar or buy yourself a jar. I would recommend getting a mason jar with a lid so that you don’t lose your self-care activities. Also, buy some lollipop sticks and find some pens you’d like to use.


Step 2

Write one self-care idea/activity on each lollipop stick, writing as many as you can (see below ‘Self-Care Ideas’ for some inspiration). But don’t worry if you can’t think of many at the moment, you can add more to your DIY self-care jar at any time.


A photo of a decorated jar with lit flower shaped candles around it to represent - A Fantastic DIY Self-Care And Wellness Interventions Jar


Step 3

Decorate your jar anyway you see fit, using glue to attach them. Then all you need to do is let the glue dry.


Step 4

Fill the jar with your self-care activities, and lollipop sticks, and you’re done. A Simple crafting task. Now all you need to do is pick one whenever it’s time for some self-care.


Optional step

Colour code the lollipop sticks with your self-care ideas for the length of time they’d take. For example, you could paint the top of the lollipop sticks that have activities that’ll take 10 minutes or fewer. Then paint the lollipop sticks a different colour if the activity would take 11-30 minutes, and so on and so on. That way, you can pick activities from the jar that better suit how much time you have to engage in self-care.




Self-Care Ideas


You might be able to create some self-care ideas by checking out positive psychology interventions, my other article on how kindness matters, or on how to adapt Motivational Interviewing For Self-Help. But don’t worry, you don’t have to read through all three articles if you don’t want to. I’ve got some other suggestions for self-care below.


Go for a walk

Listen to a podcast

Watch your favourite type of YouTube videos

Draw or paint

Creatively write

Try your hands at crafting

Have a long soak in the bath

Yoga – There are a lot of online yoga resources, even if you’re Goth

Muscle relaxation

Meditation/prayer – There are also a lot of online meditation resources, even if you’re Goth

Work out

Play a game

Facetime/video chat with someone

Read a book

Make a hot chocolate

Turn off devices and take a short break from the modern world



I hope you enjoyed my little crafting project and that it’ll help you with engaging in some self-care.


As always, leave your feedback in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share your experiences with self-care and crafting in the comments section below as well. If you want to stay up-to-date with my blog, then sign up for my newsletter below. Alternatively, get push notifications for new articles by clicking the red bell icon in the bottom right corner.


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92 thoughts on “A Fantastic DIY Self-Care And Wellness Interventions Jar

  1. I love this self-care jar idea! Great for when you’re stuck for how to look after yourself. Creating the self-care jars would be self-care in itself and it’s so simple!

  2. My husband and I created a similar jar filled with date ideas and have had so much fun picking out a stick and doing that date activity. I love the idea of creating a self-care jar as a gift for Christmas, especially in these lockdown times!

  3. Such a great post ! I’m definitely going to try this out, I love self-care but sometimes I don’t really know what activity I should do haha thanks for sharing !

  4. This is a great idea. I think we could all use one. Self-care is so important, but sometimes you don’t know exactly what to do, so this takes the decision away by making it fun.

  5. Oo, I love the idea of a self-care jar! Sometimes I never know what I want to do to relax; I know what I like to do but cannot pick one thing, so having a jar full would mix up things nicely. Also love that it is easy to make and such a unique gift idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is such a wonderful idea! In this busy world it’s so difficult to remember to practice self care, and this can help a lot! Thank you for sharing this x

  7. I loved your DIY self care jar. Thank you for sharing such pocket friendly idea. I can use this DIY in Diwali ( one of the biggest festival celebrated in our country, India) which is coming next next week.

  8. What a fantastic idea ? ?
    Little self care tasks are sometimes hard to squeeze into my day with all of the hustle and bustle this would be a good reminder

  9. I always feel guilty for making time for myself. Self care is so important I know. I love this idea, with the jar. It’s given me a idea for a present for someone I know ?

  10. Aw, this is such a cute idea! I love that you’ve provided step-by-step instructions, and I love this idea as a way to make you feel better- and as a gorgeous ornament for your bedroom or living room on the cosy dark nights we’ve started having. Thanks for sharing x

  11. I really like this idea to gift for someone but also to make one for yourself, especially for the Christmas season! thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. I love gift ideas like this! When having some me-time, often I find myself not knowing what to do or not thinking of creative ideas, but something like this I could build up over time when inspiration strikes. We all need a little extra self-care now!

  13. This is such a fun gift idea, and a great way to give something special without breaking the bank. Honestly, the holiday has become so commercial in so many ways – I’m hoping that the current pandemic will help remind everyone of what’s important and put it all back into perspective once again.

  14. Thanks so much for the ideas! I try to incorporate several on your list. Not sure if I’ll attempt the jar or not, but your post is a great reminder for self care!

  15. These are great ideas, I love the idea of this jar. I think it’s beneficial to a lot of people, including myself. I may do this for my self care nightly routines, I like the idea of the colour coding too.

  16. I’ve known about the gratitude jars a long while ago and even tried to keep one a few years ago, but while that is a great idea, this one seems a lot more practical and useful 🙂 I think it’s perfect especially for those times where self-care goes last on any priority list or the time’s not enough to start brainstorming ideas. Also, yeah, great idea to color code them according to how much time they take!

    • I struggle with feeling gratitude, so I doubt a gratitude jar would work for me. But I often find myself just sitting on my sofa not knowing what I should do, so having a self-care jar can get things moving again

  17. This is so cute! Not very creative myself so will definitely be getting my other half to do the drawing! ?

  18. Wow, this is such ana amazing idea. I am all about self-care and cannot wait to try this! I’m so excited about this. Self-care has helped me tremendously in coping with my fibromyalgia so this will be great for me to begin doing.

  19. This is such a good idea! I’ve heard of people doing this with date ideas, but so smart to do it with self care. And it’s an act of self care just to take the time to make this!

  20. Ommg this is so fun! I just started doing DIY things to awake my creative side. I am not so creative to be honest but I love doing this type of things. It keeps my mind at peace. It is basically like art, a piece of mind, relaxing techniques.

    Also, this jar idea is very smart. You add a personal touch to it and then you can add anything that you want inside. I love this because its hard to find things that only have advantages. But any DIY projects is simply all advantages which is amazing.

  21. I love the idea of a self-care jar! Honestly we don’t spend enough time to caring for ourselves as we think its selfish, so this would be a great solution! Thank you for sharing x

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