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Men Need To Start Taking Back Control Of Their Wellness

After reading the article on bulimia that I happened upon on the Men’s Health website, which then led to me writing two blog articles on the subject (One Man’s Battle With Bulimia: An Article Discussion and Did Poor Mental Health Cause My Unhealthy Relationship With Food?). I decided to have another look at what other articles they’d covered that might also be interesting. In doing so I found this article “Why Men Need to Start Taking Back Control of Their Wellness” which I thought I’d briefly talk about and share with my readers. Because men’s wellness is important.


Men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women


The article offers some pretty shocking statistics about male mental health, and of the three people I know who have successfully killed themselves, they were all male, the person I witnessed trying to kill themselves, they too were male, and then there’s me and my unsuccessful attempts to end my life. I know anecdotal evidence doesn’t really prove anything, but that’s been my experience with suicide so far, an all-male affair. Granted, there could be people I use to know who have tried and succeeded or didn’t succeed in their suicide attempts who were female, I’m just am unaware of fact: hence anecdotal evidence not really being proof of anything.


Men in mid-life remain overwhelmingly dependent on a female partner for emotional support


I don’t know why men have been raised to bottle everything up, to just “play through the pain”, or “man up” because it’s literally killing us. I know I struggle with doing what’s right and healthy for me, to seek help, to reach out to people, due to being raised on the idea that that’s not what men do, we go it alone like the lone wolves we are, stoic in our manliness.




My partner wants me to share more about my suicidal thoughts, but I’ve suffered from those thoughts since I was eight years old, it’s a daily thought process for me, it just never leads to taking action anymore. Even though I had a pretty massive breakdown over the summer that pushed me to the very brink of enacting my suicidal thoughts, I still didn’t reach out to my partner.


Marriage breakdown is more likely for men to lead to suicide


I don’t see the point in sharing all the darkness inside of me with my partner, causing them to worry about me all the time because there’s nothing they can do to help me. I know this is an unhealthy way to be, and I probably should share it all with them, I just don’t believe theirs any point in sharing it unless they can do something to help.


The picture is split in two with the top image being of a man sitting down in a room with his head in his hands and the bottom image is of a man crouched down an a walkway with a hoodie on that says "boys get sad too" several times. The two images are separated by the article title - Men Need To Start Taking Back Control Of Their Wellness


On the flipside to that, if someone asks about my mental health or physical health I’ll answer honestly about my problems because I don’t see the point in lying about it. I have no issues discussing my problems with anyone who wants to listen, I just don’t want to burden them with knowledge of my problems and my situation, unless they can help tackle it. Who really wants to know your loved one struggles with daily suicidal thoughts while knowing they’re powerless to do anything about it? That to me seems like a terrible burden for me to place on someone.


There is one exception, I’ll discuss my problems with others if I feel it’ll help them in someone way, rather than it being just if they can help me or if they’ve asked about it. If my experiences can help someone else, then at least something worthwhile has come out of it.


When it comes to our wellness, we approach it with caution. After all, wellness is a women’s thing, right?


The article goes on to talk about the importance of talking about such ignored males issues as testicular self-exams and erectile health, which obviously can be a source of shame and embarrassment, but at the same time, talking about it and seeking help for it can lead to having a better quality of life, after all, Viagra is there for a reason, so theirs no reason to let your sex life suffer.



So grab your balls and check for lumps, most men are already playing with them anyway, so you may as well check their in prime condition while you’re at it. Because looking after ourselves is more than just making sure we’re not getting too fat, about building muscle, and eating our five a day, it’s also about looking after your mental health, coping with stress, and reaching out for support before you find yourself in a crisis situation.


Although this article is aimed at a male audience, everyone should try and look after the complete health, not just worry about their weight, although such things as testicular health may not apply to all of you.


Take time for self-care, you’re worth it.


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  1. I absoluetly love this post! I try to tell my fiance that he needs too take better care of himself and worry more about his health and he refuses to go to doctors. I’m going to show him this post!

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