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Introducing January 2023s Unwanted Life Sponsors

Happy 2023, a new year, a new start, and welcome to the January 2023s Unwanted Life Sponsors article. I hope you had a glorious New Year’s Eve and didn’t have too much of a hangover the following day. I had a fairly simple New Year’s Eve celebration. My partner hosted me and some friends for drinks, nibbles, and party games. It was a good night.


January 2023s Unwanted Life Sponsors


Andrea Hunt – Living Deliberately

Andrea Hunt - Living Deliberately image they created for the June 2022s Unwanted Life Sponsors article


If you’re like many people, 2022 might not exactly feel like it’s got off the ground for you yet. The last few years have been really hard on everyone and many people feel stuck in a constant cycle of stress, uncertainty, stagnancy and lack of fulfilment.


Reflections & Lessons of 2022: Powerful takeaways on what we’ve learned going into 2023

The end of the year is always a time to reflect on our lives, the events of the year, what we’ve gained, what we might have lost, and as many are set to make their resolutions or intentions for the coming year, I wanted to ask people what they have learned in 2022 and what are the main takeaways from this year as we head into 2023.


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Don’t agonise over New Year’s Resolutions you won’t keep- try writing high-powered 2023 intentions instead!

Stop doing resolutions you won’t actually keep. With the right strategies, the beginning of a new year is an ideal time to set achievable goals and intentions to make 2023 your most productive year yet. Understand why most people fail when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, why setting intentions instead can be beneficial, and how to get started in 2023. Learn 5 steps to make powerful changes in your life in 2023!


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4 Helpful Ways to Start Boosting Your Inner Confidence

How’s your confidence? I’ve been doing personal growth for myself for over a decade and I’ve also coached many people, and the biggest thing I’ve found both in my personal life and also in the case of my clients is that inner confidence is the key to making it all work. Because when you trust yourself, you claim your space in the world, and you feel empowered to go out and create the life that you want.


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  1. It’s always helpful to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future. The tips on boosting inner confidence and setting achievable goals for 2023 are particularly valuable. Keep up the good work and cheers to a successful 2023!

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