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Introducing November 2021s Unwanted Life Sponsors

Welcome to the November 2021s Unwanted Life Sponsors article. I won’t bore you with my chit chat, so without further ado, here’s the people who have sponsored Unwanted Life for November. Please check them and their content out by visiting their websites.



November 2021s Unwanted Life Sponsors


The Grumpy Olive


Logo for The Grumpy Olive


The Grumpy Olive is a Lifestyle blog created by 3 sisters: Simona, Federica & Cristina. It’s a space where we all share our experiences and our passion for great food, coffee, books and all the things we love! We were re-born during lockdown to what the Grumpy Olive is today, from the original blog Simona had under the same name. But let’s say it, nothing beats a bit of sisterly workforce!.


Coffee Bean Cookies Recipe

These delicious coffee bean cookies will be your next favourite treat. Crunchy and full of flavour for any coffee and chocolate lover! Dunk them in coffee or have them on their own. These coffee bean cookies are a quick recipe to satisfy your cravings!


Check this recipe post out by clicking https://www.thegrumpyolive.com/coffee-bean-cookies-recipe.


70 Fall Bucket List Ideas To Try This Year

We love fall and a good list, so we wrote down these seventy fall bucket list ideas to help you create yours: from autumnal food recipes to indoor and outdoor activities. Get ready to take pictures, have a cosy day in and eat s’mores!


Check this post out by clicking https://www.thegrumpyolive.com/70-fall-bucket-list-ideas-to-try-this-year.


50 Easy Sweet Breakfast Recipes To Try

Are you bored with your usual breakfast? Don’t know what to cook anymore? Check out these 50+ sweet breakfast ideas to fill you up in the morning! From overnight oats to cinnamon rolls and more.


Check this recipe post out by clicking https://www.thegrumpyolive.com/50-easy-sweet-breakfast-recipes-to-try.


Cosmic Taryn


CosmicTaryn Logo



I love interviewing people on my blog CosmicTaryn.co.za, and exploring the digital world, and writing about my (mis)adventures. Otherwise fuelled by coffee.


Catching Up With Koral

I know Koral as blogger, photographer, and virtual assistant. Someone who works exceptionally hard and a great supporter within the blogging community. We met on Twitter and did a few blogging related projects together. I seriously hope that one day we get to meet and hangout somewhere cool. This is me catching up with Koral, as it’s been a while since we actually had a chat on any social site.


Check out this interview by clicking https://cosmictaryn.co.za/catching-up-with-koral.


Undercover Superhero Ami

Undercover Superhero, Ami Ireland, is a long-time blogger that I deeply admire. They have honed their craft to perfection and are kicking ass and taking names while making it look absolutely effortless. I cannot imagine having that much talent and skill and poise in such a competitive field.


Check out this interview by clicking https://cosmictaryn.co.za/undercover-superhero-ami.


Dreamscape Of Podcasting And Psychology

Hello dear ones! My name is Luna, and I am transgender. I have a bachelor’s in psychology and do hope to go onto my master’s in research psychology. My goal in life is to help spread positive mental health in a sort of relatable way. I believe that everything in this world is relative and subjective in nature, and we should view others as such.


Check out this interview by clicking https://cosmictaryn.co.za/dreamscape-of-podcasting-and-psychology.


The Quiet Girl Blog


The Quiet Girl Blog Logo


The Quiet Girl Blog is the thoughts of a quiet introvert that developed an interest in writing from just typing out thoughts in a note app on a phone. I made my personal blog from finding the enjoyment of expressing my thoughts on emotions, mental health, self-care, and random thoughts.


5 Things I Don’t Like About Blogging

I love blogging but sometimes, it can be a pain. I felt like talking about a few things that annoy me or just don’t like after a year of being a blogger. I think it came out good and maybe a few bloggers may relate to some.


Check out this post at https://www.quietgirlblog.com/post/5-things-i-don-t-like-about-blogging.


Procrastination Sucks

This is pretty fitting since this was my first blog post in two months. I started writing this post back in April and had a bit of a struggle, but as you see, I finally finished it. In this post, I talk about some struggles I faced with procrastination and a few tips I used to combat it.


Check out this post at https://www.quietgirlblog.com/post/procrastination-sucks.


Overthinking Sucks

Overthinking must be the most annoying thing to deal with and in this post, I talk about my struggles with it and what I do to help it. I hope this post can be helpful for other.


Check out this post at https://www.quietgirlblog.com/post/overthinking-sucks.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the November 2021s Unwanted Life Sponsors. And, as always, leave your feedback in the comments section below. Don’t forget to bookmark my site and if you want to stay up-to-date with my blog, then sign up for my newsletter below. Alternatively, get push notifications for new articles by clicking the red bell icon in the bottom right corner. Don’t forget to check out these wonderful sponsors by visiting their websites and checking out their content.


Lastly, if you’d like to sponsor Unwanted Life, then you can find more information and a contact form by clicking here. Until next time, Unwanted Life readers.





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  1. Thank you for introducing these amazing bloggers.

    I’ve heard of most of them but will definitely have a look at the rest.

  2. Loving the sound of these people and their amazing blogs. I love finding new people to follow so I’ll be checking these guys out ASAP. Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  3. I like to read these blog posts as it is a great way to learn about new bloggers and blog posts to check out. Thank you for sharing your monthly sponsors.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  4. I love seeing your monthly sponsors and links to some amazing posts! The Grumpy Olive is a great place to be for helpful posts and delicious recipes, while I enjoy The Quiet Girl for her voice. Cosmic Taryn is a newer writer to me, but I look forward to getting acquainted. 🙂

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