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Introducing July 2022s Unwanted Life Sponsors

Welcome to July 2022s Unwanted Life sponsors article. I’m fortunate enough to be going on a mini break to the British seaside as July rolls in. I hope you’re all getting a chance to enjoy the good weather and to get away for a bit.


July 2022s Unwanted Life Sponsors


Andrea Hunt – Living Deliberately

Andrea Hunt - Living Deliberately image they created for the July 2022s Unwanted Life Sponsors article


If you’re like many people, 2022 might not exactly feel like it’s got off the ground for you yet. The last few years have been really hard on everyone and many people feel stuck in a constant cycle of stress, uncertainty, stagnancy and lack of fulfilment.


What Are Your Basic Emotional Needs And How Can You Fulfil Them?

As humans, we have emotional needs. That might sound pretty straightforward, but a lot of times we aren’t really aware of what ours are. When we understand our emotional needs, can communicate them, and also figure out how to get these needs met (either alone or with other people), we have a better sense of contentment in our lives. In this article, Andrea discusses some of the basic needs and how these show up in your life.


Click here to find out more.


How to Plan Your Holiday to the Mesmerizing Beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Have you ever thought about planning a beach holiday to the mesmerising beaches of Africa? Zanzibar, Tanzania is right on the Indian Ocean and a beautiful place to start. It’s a warm, vibrant, friendly place with incredible beaches and affordable prices. If you’re not sure how to get started, read on to learn how to start planning your Zanzibar beach holiday here.


To find out how to plan your Zanzibar holiday, click here.


5 Tricks to Stop Sabotaging Yourself with Procrastination

At one point or another, we’ve all done it. We repeatedly put off finishing that project or establishing that business, just as we postpone our fitness program until tomorrow. The mother of all monsters, procrastination, can halt your progress toward fulfilling all of your goals. The following five strategies will help you defeat this behemoth.


To check out those five strategies, click here.



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Helping current & soon-to-be university students succeed. Study skills, career tips & decision-making. Online support to ace your courses!


I started ChooseYourUni based on my experience as a very lost student back when I did my bachelor of arts, and also based on my experiences working with students as a university staff member, instructor, and researcher. I’ve spoken to many students who couldn’t find the answers to their questions, and I want to help. I’ve met so many students who had the brains, drive and enthusiasm to succeed at university – but didn’t always have a clear idea of what that path looked like, how to follow it, or where it would lead.


Check out ChooseYourUni.ca for support and encouragement as you make decisions about university. Learn study skills, career planning tips, university navigation hacks, and more!


Tips For University

Succeeding at university is not just about your study skills (although those are really important)! There are lots of other things you should do to set yourself up for success: attend your classes, ask questions, understand the expectations, and more!


Click here for the best tips.


How to Do Academic Research: A Beginner’s Guide

So your professor assigned you a research paper and you have no idea where to start, because they didn’t actually teach you how to do research! Scary! But fear not, I’ve built a guide to help you. Head to this link for a step-by-step guide to doing academic research.


To find out more about this amazing guide, click here.


Study Skills For University Student

Are you ready to level up your study skills to succeed at uni? Check out these suggestions and try something new today! Shaking up your study techniques can refresh your study sessions and help motivate you to study.


Click here to upgrade your study skills.


Black Students Mental Health

Black Students Mental Health logo banner


I am a qualified Mental Health Practitioner and Therapist with several years of working in the NHS, Private sector, and Higher Education supporting University Students with mental health challenges. I started this blog with the aim of offering Mental Health support to students, especially those who are reluctant to seek support or engage with support. The blog offers Self-help tips, Leaflets, Mental Health Services, Blogs, Helplines, Psychoeducation Advice, and Signposting.


Understanding Procrastination (includes self-help tips)

Remember, a time when you kept delaying doing something you needed to do? Well…that is procrastination. It’s putting off something until tomorrow, then tomorrow, then……you get the gist.


To find out more about procrastination, click here.


The Good And Bad About Cannabis (includes self-help tips)

Cannabis use is popular with students. In this blog, we discuss the benefits and risks associated with cannabis use and how to support yourself.


To find out more, click here.


What Is Anxiety And How Does It Affect Students (includes self-help tips)

Have you ever had a stressful day where you couldn’t focus on what you were supposed to be doing? It could be a test or even just an exam – but the feeling is the same. This is known as anxiety, and it can be very common. If you’re struggling with an anxiety disorder, the consequences can be serious, so it’s important to seek help and find ways to stress-free your day.


To learn more about this, click here.




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8 thoughts on “Introducing July 2022s Unwanted Life Sponsors

  1. I am only familiar with Andrea. Great roundup and I will definitely check out the others this month.

  2. Oooo quite the mix! There are a few here I’d like to check out. The cannabis one is interesting – I’m starting to think students should be educated a little about weed when they start high school. So many do it despite it being illegal in the UK and them being underage to even drink, so it would make sense to just give them some knowledge so they can protect themselves and be more sensible with it.

    Caz xx

    • Students really should be educated more about weed. My psychosis was caused by my use of excessive use of weed. Some people are just more susceptible to the extreme negative effects of using weed

  3. I like your way of sharing sponosers. Anxitey for student is big problem. And I will check more of that to help my gf. Thank you for sharing these awesome content!

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