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Unwanted Life Art Gallery

Hi, and welcome to my gallery collection of images for my blog. I’ll be trying to add to the collection as often as I can. But in the meantime,  I hope you enjoy the images and feel free to share them online. These images are here to help create awareness on mental health, as well as sharing knowledge and to create debate on the subject.


Logo Design Gallery



I Just wanted to experiment with adding my logo to pictures to see what kind of images I could create. These are the results of my experimentation.



Inspiration Gallery



I wanted to create some inspirational images that I could post on social media. The idea was that it would help spread awareness of mental health whilst also helping me to attract followers.



Positive Psychology Gallery



After writing my Positive Psychology post, I thought it would be a good idea to create some images based on the interventions I discussed. That way it’d help spread the Positive Psychology message and interventions more easily.



Promotion Gallery



I thought it might be easier to attract followers using images to promote my blog rather than just writing messages on social media. These images are the results of that thought.



Statistical Gallery



After collecting statistical information for a article I was planning to create, I thought it’d also help spread awareness of mental health if I turned that information into a series of images to share. These are the results of that thought.



Questions Gallery



A few picturised questions I want to ask and share on social media to help raise awareness by getting people talking.



Miscellaneous Gallery



A collection of quotes, inspirational messages, and other mental health related images I created to help spread awareness of mental health.



Meme Gallery



I was randomly inspired to create a few mental health memes for my newly created Instagram. Hopefully, I’ll expand on this collection when I have time.




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